VII Premio Bienal Internacional de Fotografía Contemporánea Pilar Citoler 2013





ONE. About

The call is open to contemporary visual artists of any nationality. The 10th Edition of the Pilar Citoler International Biennial Award for Contemporary Photography 2019 (Premio Bienal Internacional de Fotografía Contemporánea Pilar Citoler, hereinafter called PBIFCPC) will particularly take into account the candidates' body of work, their international exposure and their engagement with current themes in contemporary photography.

[The competition rules for this prize will be published on this website. Should you have any enquiries, please contact us by the following email address: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla. .

TWO. Prize value

A single prize will be granted consisting of three parts


This purse will be subjected to any applicable taxes. The winning work will become part of the art collection belonging to the Universidad de Córdoba. The award ceremony will take place in February, 2020.


To take place during the last term of 2020 or the first term of 2021. The exhibition will showcase the artistic body of work of the winner of the PBIFCPC. The technical characteristics of the exhibition will be determined by the institution organizing the PBIFCPC. The exhibition's production and the framing of the works to be displayed in its entirety will the responsibility of the winning artist.

3) MONOGRAPH («El ojo que ves» collection, #10). Publication of a monograph, in 2020-2021, that will analyse the work and career of the winning artist. The technical characteristics of this edition will be the same established for the «El ojo que ves» collection, PBIFCPC, for research and dissemination of contemporary photography. The winning artist will provide the digital images for the book and any other material required for its proper completion. He/she will be able to suggest one or two specialists in contemporary photography or contemporary art to write a text in that monograph next to the text of the curator of the solo exhibition.

THREE. Characteristics of the work presented, whether it be in its final format or as scaled sample versions on high quality photographic paper

Participating artists must submit a single photographic work that may consist of a single image, diptych, polyptych or several other formats, as long as the piece is no larger than the measurements indicated in the call (200 × 200 cm for each side). Moreover, the participation of artists as teams made up of more than one person is expressly allowed, as is the participation with pseudonyms or heteronyms (which will be entered in the application form). Works must be unpublished and cannot have won any other competitions, independently of the theme, the technique or the way it is exhibited. Proposals can be works already finished (framed or not) or samples to scale printed on high-quality photographic paper that will not exceed the maximum measurements of 70 × 70 cm or minimum of 30 × 30 cm. Recommended scale: 1/2 or 1/3 of the actual size of the work. The scale sample to be submitted must correspond exactly in all aspects to the original work that it represents.  Any changes or alterations will be considered grounds for disqualification and the work will not be considered for the final selection.

FOUR. Deadline for submission, return and conditions

The deadline for the presentation of the works (whether in their finished format or as scaled sample versions printed on high quality photographic paper) will be the business days between September 16 and October 20, 2019.

The work will be submitted in person by anyone authorized to do so or shipped using any national or international courier service who will be responsible for the delivery of the work to the specified address, from Monday to Friday, during school hours, between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm:



Edificio UCOCultura

Plaza de la Corredera, 40. 14002 Córdoba, España

For further information please contact: Esta dirección de correo electrónico está protegida contra spambots. Usted necesita tener Javascript activado para poder verla.

The artists that decide to present their works in a finalized format will do so in reusable packaging. This packaging should be made of a sturdy material that can guarantee the integrity of the work at the time of return of the piece to its owner, and should also be easy to open and close.  All packages must be clearly labelled with a description of their contents. Works of art delivered without proper packaging will not be accepted. The organization will label the back of all works using removable stickers. As such, participating artists who prefer not to have labels in direct contact with the work’s original paper or support, or the samples, will have to protect their works by means of a plastic film or any other transparent element that will allow its visibility.

All expenses related to the delivery and return of works, along with any associated shipping insurance costs will be the sole responsibility of the author. However, the returning costs for the works selected for the exhibition of the 10th PBIFCPC will be paid for by the organization, always to the same address indicated in the application form.

The organization will not be responsible for the return of the samples of works and dossiers not selected. These will have to be retrieved, from the delivery address, by the author and/or authorized person or company within 90 days following the ruling of the jury of PBIFCPC. The presentation of the receipt of deposit, as well as the author’s authorization, is a must in case the person retrieving the work is someone other than the author.

The competition organisers will not be held responsible for the photographic samples and dossiers that have not been retrieved within the stipulated time period and will proceed to their destruction.

Furthermore, the organisers will not be liable for any damages to entries during transport (either delivery or return), deposit or handling, or whilst under the organisers’ care in Córdoba. Entrants are free to take out insurance covering any such eventualities, at their own expense.

FIVE. List of participants and rectification of formal errors

Once the deadline for submission of works has concluded, the list of participating artists will be posted in this website, the days immediately after the 20th of October, 2019. The list will also indicate, where appropriate, the formal errors observed or the lack of any documents required as part of the prerequisites for the call. The organization shall grant 10 working days to correct such errors or lack of. The artists that do not comply with the requirements within the allocated period will be disqualified from the competition.

SIX. Documentation to be submitted

Participating artists will have to inexcusably submit the following documentation in a sealed envelope:

1. - Entry form duly completed and signed. This form can be found in the website and must be printed (the tab “bases/rules”).

2. - Photocopy of the entrant’s identity card or passport

3. - Specifications of the entry, including the author’s name, name of the work, measurements, date, technique being used and estimated value of the piece. In cases of presentation by pseudonym or heteronym, or group name, the real names of the artist/s must be included in the registration form.

4. - If a photographic sample to scale is presented instead of the finalized work in its real size, it will have to be in a format that the artist considers appropriate, no exceeding the maximum and minimum measurements established at 70 x 70 cm and 30 x 30 cm respectively.

5. - In all cases, and for the purpose of publishing the corresponding catalogue, the image of the photograph to be presented will be delivered in a pen drive or SD card, using the following formats: CMYK mode (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black), TIFF format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) in DIN A4 size.

6. - Curriculum vitae (both in digital format as well as in paper) that should include a portfolio with at least ten photographs documenting the artist’s body of work in a size the artist considers appropriate.

This documentation cannot be sent via email and will not be accepted as such.

SEVEN. Members of the jury

The jury will convene at November 21 and 22, 2019 and it will be announced in this website. The jury shall consist of:


    - Dª Pilar Citoler (art collector and patron).


  •  D. Juan Vicente Aliaga. Independent curator. Art critic.
  • Dª Soledad Córdoba. Photographer author of the image of 10th edition of PBIFCPC.
  • D. Rafael Doctor. Independent curator. Art critic. Former director of Centro Andaluz de la Fotografía (Andalusian Center of Photography).
  • D. José Guerrero. Photographer winner of 9th edition of PBIFCPC.
  • D. Jean-Luc Monterosso. Independent curator. Former director of Maison Européene de la Photographie.
  • Dª Elena Vozmediano. Art critic.
  • Dª Cynthia Young. Curator. International Center of Photography


    - An oficial of Universidad de Córdoba appointed by the institution's Culture Department will act as secretary and will be able to offer his/her opinion but not to vote.

UCO’s Culture Department will be able to have an representative in the meetings and deliberations of the jury, as an observer, with voice and without vote.


EIGHT. Selection process and announcement of the jury's decision

The jury will shortlist fifteen works from all the entries and then will choose the overall winner of the prize, taking into particular consideration the artistic quality of the entry, the artist’s body of work, their international exposure and their engagement with current themes in contemporary photography. The jury’s decision will be final and it reserves the right to declare the prize null and void.

The names of the fifteen finalists will be published in the website during the week following the jury’s ruling. The award ceremony will take place in the month of February, 2020.

Only shortlisted participants and the winner of the prize will be contacted by the organization.

The winning photograph will be deemed to have been purchased from the author for the amount of the Prize awarded and will become part of the artistic collection of the Universidad de Córdoba. Its production and framing will be responsibility of the winner, who will have to deliver the work to the Universidad de Córdoba before the end of January, 2020.

NINE. Staging of the exhibition

The award ceremony will coincide with a temporary exhibition to be held in Córdoba from March to May 2021, featuring the work of the previous winner of the 9th Edition of PBIFCPC, José Guerrero. The fifteen shortlisted works from the 10th Edition of the PBIFCPC 2019 will also be showcased along with the solo exhibition, although in clearly differentiated spaces, being understood as two independent exhibitions.

A catalogue will be published featuring the works of the selected artists for this edition of the PBIFCPC, together with a monograph analysing the 2019 winner’s career and body of work. This monograph will become part of the «El ojo que ves» contemporary photography collection and it will be edited by UCOPress in possible collaboration with an external publishing house. The winning artist will receive fifty printed copies of the monograph at no cost.

The photographs selected for the 10th Edition of the PBIFCPC 2019, including the winning entry, shall be duly framed and packaged before being sent to the previously specified address (please see rule 4.) prior to the 15th of January, 2020. All production, framing and delivery costs for the works shall be met by the selected artists and the award winner. The cost of returning the pieces to their owners shall be borne by the competition organizers.

TEN. Guarantees

All participating artists are legally responsible for ensuring compliance with the competition rules concerning physical and intellectual property. Entries that fail to comply with the established criteria will not be eligible for selection and will be disqualified. By accepting the participation in the PBIFCPC, the photographers:

I.    Certify that they are the owners of the submitted work, that intellectual property is conferred in their entirety and, if the work is a previously-commissioned piece, for private and domestic purposes, the artist has the owner’s appropriate authorization for it to be submitted as part of the competition.

II.    Guarantee that their photographs do not infringe any moral rights.

III.    Certify that full permission to appear in the 10th Edition of the PBIFCPC 2019 has been granted by any person(s) appearing in the artist’s photographs. If required, the artist shall provide a signed authorisation from the person(s) that appear in the photographs submitted.

IV.    Accept that their work may be exhibited over a period of one year in a number of cities and subsequently in other exhibition venues promoted by the Universidad de Córdoba.

V.    Accept that the competition organisers may reproduce and/or license the image of any of the works selected for the 10th Edition of the PBIFCPC 2019 for commercial, cultural or educational purposes, or to promote the competition using any international media, including catalogues and internet. The artist and any person(s) appearing in their works understand and accept that they will receive no payment for the above.

VI.    All photographs selected for the competition will remain the intellectual property of the artist and they will always be credited as the authors of the work.

ELEVEN. Acceptance of competition rules

By entering the10th Edition of the PBIFCPC 2019, all artists agree to abide by the competition rules and to accept the jury’s ruling regarding any unforeseen circumstances not included herein.


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